2017 Factor Alpha Newsletter
“Value” vs. “Momentum”

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The past year was full of plot twists. Momentum beating Value was not one of them. The victory comes as no surprise because these 2 themes swap leadership cyclically — 2017 was Momentum’s year. And, as you can see in the exhibits below, Momentum’s winning streak definitively spans all 7 of the universes we ran. Continue reading “2017 Factor Alpha Newsletter
“Value” vs. “Momentum””

“Purgatory for Pessimists” — International Equities
An Unemotional, Factor-Based Approach

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The current Bull Market has been unkind to non-U.S. allocations. At a conference I recently attended, the term TINA1 (there is no alternative) was overheard, more than once, in the context of allocating investor portfolios. Expected returns on fixed income are likely to be low, and identifying top quartile alts managers — let alone gaining access to them — is increasingly difficult. Continue reading ““Purgatory for Pessimists” — International Equities
An Unemotional, Factor-Based Approach”

Factor Alpha Newsletter
“OSAM Value” (2000 thru Oct-2017)

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* The backtested results for this article are as of 10/31/17. 1

Value is the centerpiece of our investment framework and it gets built into every one of our strategies — even growth-oriented strategies. We believe that what you pay for an investment is one of the most predictive characteristics of future alpha. Continue reading “Factor Alpha Newsletter
“OSAM Value” (2000 thru Oct-2017)”