OSAM Guide to Factor AlphaSM

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BACKGROUND: We invest deeply in our in-house research, trading, and technology platforms and 100% of the research feeding our investment process is conducted internally. In most cases, our exhaustive study of fundamental investment characteristics leads us to redefine industry-standard metrics at the most granular level in order to boost the accuracy and strength of the signal. We’re fortunate to have a core team of Researchers & Technologists who all share a passion for, and background in, factor-based investing (visit our Blog archives for more background). As a result, OSAM is a living, breathing, evolving, team-based research project. This Guide is an overview of our findings. Continue reading “OSAM Guide to Factor AlphaSM

Webinar Replay:
5 Considerations for Equity Income Investors

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Ehren Stanhope photoGenerating income in client portfolios has always been tough.1 And — prospects for rising rates notwithstanding — it will likely be a challenge for years to come. Ehren Stanhope, CFA (OSAM Principal and Client Portfolio Manager) shares his expertise in global dividend-paying stocks, following up on his Dec-2016 postContinue reading “Webinar Replay:
5 Considerations for Equity Income Investors”

Fundamental Relationships have Changed in QE’s Wake

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“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

— Attributed to John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)

I read a lot of market commentary. There are a lot of doomsayers out there. While I can’t argue with the fact that valuations are higher than they were at the market lows in 2009, the calls for a calamitous decline based on valuation seem overblown. Valuation tends not to be a good predictor of bear markets. Continue reading “Fundamental Relationships have Changed in QE’s Wake”