Microcaps’ Factor Spreads, Structural Biases,
and the Institutional Imperative
(Part 1 of 2)

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The ironic twist to the proliferation of “factor”-based strategies in recent years is that the overwhelming majority of these strategies are1 launching in U.S. Large Cap Equity — the most competitive arena for any financial market in the world. Sure, factors can be effective in large cap but, lately, discerning investors are discovering that the factor research in eclectic corners of the market is much more compelling. This article presents our findings in perhaps the most capacity-constrained of those eclectic corners: microcap. Despite some unique considerations as it relates to liquidity and tradability (to be covered in Part 2 of 2), the opportunity in Micro is hard to ignore.2 Continue reading “Microcaps’ Factor Spreads, Structural Biases,
and the Institutional Imperative
(Part 1 of 2)”

OSAM Guide to Factor AlphaSM

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BACKGROUND: We invest deeply in our in-house research, trading, and technology platforms and 100% of the research feeding our investment process is conducted internally. In most cases, our exhaustive study of fundamental investment characteristics leads us to redefine industry-standard metrics at the most granular level in order to boost the accuracy and strength of the signal. We’re fortunate to have a core team of Researchers & Technologists who all share a passion for, and background in, factor-based investing (visit our Blog archives for more background). As a result, OSAM is a living, breathing, evolving, team-based research project. This Guide is an overview of our findings. Continue reading “OSAM Guide to Factor AlphaSM

Alpha or Assets?

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“Financial markets lend themselves to initially self-reinforcing but eventually self-defeating processes.”

— George Soros

More and more investors are buying “factor”-based strategies, which invest using measures like valuation and low volatility. However, the most popular strategies are applying factors the wrong way. We believe that strategies should be built for alpha, not scale — but the asset management industry has gone in the opposite direction.  Continue reading “Alpha or Assets?”