Podcast Replay: Will Thorndike
“How Skilled Capital Allocators Compound Capital”

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  In this interview,1 the first part discusses Will’s 8-year research project studying CEOs who were master capital allocators, which is the basis for his book The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success.2 The second part of the interview discusses Will’s career in private equity.

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Topics covered include: Continue reading “Podcast Replay: Will Thorndike
“How Skilled Capital Allocators Compound Capital””

Book Marks: 3 from the Other Side

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Books about business and the creative process have just as much wisdom to offer investors because they let you see what good companies do to become great, or what turns great ideas into profitable ventures. Chances are, if you see a company following any of the best practices prescribed below, they’re more than likely a good place to put your money and let it grow.  Continue reading “Book Marks: 3 from the Other Side”