Book Marks:
4 Books About How to Think Better

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“Summer” is over for many of us, sorry to say, and TMI1 has left our brains prone to being led astray over the past couple of months. If you’ve already read through the Summer Reading List prescribed in this post, here are some books that help us think in ways that make us less prone to errors — and/or hasty decisions — as we begin to wind down 2017.

Happy Reading,
— Patrick

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4 Books About How to Think Better”

Book Marks:
6 Ways to Take the Market off Your Mind

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As we head into the long weekend, and Summer, it’s probably — no, definitely — a very good idea to reset and read something non-financial. I made this list mindful of weary investors’ wandering minds (redundant) and want to get this posted in time for you to go get ’em @ your favorite bookstore1 before your flight, drive; or maybe you’re just staycationing. In my humble opinion, here are some of the best books on the subject of creativity: Continue reading “Book Marks:
6 Ways to Take the Market off Your Mind”

Book Marks:
6 Non-$-Related Great Reads

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There a million books out there on a variety of subjects that loosely inform investors on how to get what they want (or better yet, need). But, as promised, this list is a random selection of helpful insights from a non-investment/non-financial angle — a half-dozen ways to take your eyes off the charts ‘n tickers for a bit. Continue reading “Book Marks:
6 Non-$-Related Great Reads”

Book Marks: 3 from the Other Side

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Books about business and the creative process have just as much wisdom to offer investors because they let you see what good companies do to become great, or what turns great ideas into profitable ventures. Chances are, if you see a company following any of the best practices prescribed below, they’re more than likely a good place to put your money and let it grow.  Continue reading “Book Marks: 3 from the Other Side”

Alpha or Assets?

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“Financial markets lend themselves to initially self-reinforcing but eventually self-defeating processes.”

— George Soros

More and more investors are buying “factor”-based strategies, which invest using measures like valuation and low volatility. However, the most popular strategies are applying factors the wrong way. We believe that strategies should be built for alpha, not scale — but the asset management industry has gone in the opposite direction.  Continue reading “Alpha or Assets?”